Every month, we select at least 4 teas and offer them at a discount.  They can be seasonal selections, new arrivals, overstock items or premium teas.  Our selection is large so we never repeat an item in a year. Every once in a while, we discontinue a tea and we then offer it as a clearance.  For Makaibari fans, we immediately discount last season's teas as soon as the current season is available. The year of manufacture will always be indicated for these teas.  Check back here often - you can find some gems!

    • Cranberry Orange Sale
    • Cranberry Orange

      Cranberries, orange, hibiscus, citrus flavor and rooibos - non-caffeinated. Full of chunky fruit & flavor.

      $ 12.14 $ 7.00
    • Makaibari 1st flush 2014
    • Makaibari 1st flush 2014

      Still good but alas, it's from the previous season and the new crop is here.  Use one teaspoon for 8 ounces water, steep 2-3 minutes and savor the spirit of the Himalayas.  Milk is not recommended.  A light cup, floral with a slight astringency.  Online only.

      $ 4.00
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush 2014
    • Makaibari 2nd Flush 2014

      A classic 2nd flush muscatel tea from the Makaibari Estate - the pioneers of biodynamic tea farming in the world. This tea has a pronounced floral bouquet, with nutty and pungent notes in the cup and is one of our most popular selections.

      $ 3.00
    • Nelson's Gold Sale
    • Nelson's Gold

      Black tea with strawberry, lemon, vanilla flavor and flowers.

      $ 4.96 $ 2.50
    • Secret Garden Sale
    • Secret Garden

      Sencha, Jasmine, Lavender, Mint, flowers and peach/chocolate flavoring.  A bouquet of fragrance - a delicate balance of flavors.  Breathe in the aroma!

      $ 5.90 $ 3.00
    • Yunnan, China Black Sale
    • Yunnan, China Black

      Deep, rich taste, quite tippy, a good quality Yunnan - a hearty morning cup. This is a whole leaf, grade TGFOP.

      $ 4.16 $ 2.30