Tea Tasting at Ossining Library a Hit!

Our tea tasting at the Ossining Library was very well received. This was my first opportunity to lecture and once the nerves subsided I was on a roll! I love tea and enjoyed sharing what I have learned over the last few years with the very enthusiastic crowd we had. We had a range of questions from where tea comes from to which one has no caffeine (None-all real teas have some level of caffeine). After our Q & A, there was a quiz and we had a lot of happy winners!

At the end of the evening each attendee received a coupon to enjoy a free 2-cup pot of tea at Silver Tips Tea Room- they loved it! Thanks to James Trapasso of the Ossining Library for making all the arrangements and for inviting us.  If you want us at your local library - let them know and we will be there.

 Apr 26, 2016


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