Sharing the pleasures

We have a Tea Room, loyal customers, excellent staff, great food and over 150 teas. Put it all together and it's controlled chaos but at its best. Imagine 20 seats, 6 hours and over 100 people. Either that's mayhem or efficiency. We hope it's both. That's an average Saturday in the winter for us. Most of the time it works - sometmes, it just falls apart. But in 8 years, we've developed a certain rhythm and customers come in, find their favorite table, a perfect pot of tea arrives, the food just hits the spot, the scone are warm, the conversation lively and oh, the day is just good.

We do see some funny things. One day we see a customer diligently taking notes from our Tea Menu. Is she a competitor? A student? A Zagat spy? No, it turns out she was picking names from our Menu for her new litter of seven Chinese Crested puppies. And they were Grand Oolong Fancy, Temple of Heaven, Silver Needle, Spring get the drift. We earned our money that day!

 Feb 01, 2008


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