Tea Room Tales

At first, our customers interacted only with us. Then we started noticing that they were interacting with each other. Joe and Sally, one of our earliest supporters, were lunching with Joe and Rosemary. Nick and Clinton, our intrepid hikers from Manhattan, were chatting with Tim and Margaret. Tables of 2 were being joined to make tables of 4. Suddenly, they were signing up for events together, telling us who was on vacation and what they were reading.

Tea brings with it a natural repose, allows for conversation. Last week, while celebrating their first anniversary, one of our customers told us that this was where they had their first date and how he had been an hour late for that meeting! It's amazing to think our Tea Room is now part of someone's life story.

Speaking of life stories, we have 'Comedy Night' next week and this is one of those 'we knew you when' stories. Vijai Nathan, our featured comic, used to sit at our window table and write her material, hoping to some day quit her day job and do comedy full time, and here she is, several years later, winner of several comedy awards and now entertaining us with her brand new show.

 Feb 28, 2008


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