Some of our Favorite Things

The New York Times, a cup of Makaibari 1st Flush Darjeeling and a Blueberry Biscot-tea is my nosh of choice at tea time which can be anywhere between 4 and 7 pm. This is what initially drove me to open a Tea Room. In my 10 years of corporate life, I never lost the desire for a good cup of tea around 4 pm and I never did find one.

Here are some other picks from the Tea Room crew:

Favorite Silver Tips Tea:
Jacque - Dian Black or Zhen Qu (both rich Yunnans)
Charlene - Mei Lan Chun or Silver Tips Breakfast
Caralyn - Irish Breakfast or Kilimanjaro Blue

Favorite Tea Room Food:
Jacque - Rangoon Wrap or Roma Salad
Charlene - Egg Souchong or Tuna Provencal Sandwich
Caralyn - Namaste Wrap

Favorite Book:
Jacque - Sci-Fi Fantasy or Murder Mysteries
Charlene - Gone with the Wind
Caralyn - Sabriel

Tell us yours!

 Feb 10, 2008
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