Carbon Free...

This past week, we partnered with What is this? Well, for all those of us who are striking out on our own trying to reduce our carbon footprint, lower our use of energy, recycle and use more green materials, there are still some things we can do nothing about. To compensate for that, we follow the advice of "Reduce what you can, offset what you can't". To participate and become a partner, we provided a great deal of information to Carbonfund about how we ship, the distance of our shipments, the weight, the transportation method....Next they helped us determine if we fell into the average "small business" model of carbon dioxide use a year. Happily, we used less than the small business average. Finally, we opted to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects through a donation towards these projects and this was our contribution towards offsetting what we could not reduce. Look for us to be doing much more in this area. Meanwhile, we hope you feel good about visiting us, knowing you are part of this great and worthwhile effort to keep our planet healthy.

 Jun 27, 2008


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