Teas at unbelievable prices...only at the Tea Room

At the Tea Room, we can carry a maximum of 150 - 160 teas. That's it. We have no more space to carry more. Of course we have a ton of repeat customers and some die-hard regulars. And who wants to have the same teas year in-year out? So every 12 - 18 months, we work on a new Tea Menu which causes anxiety and high stress for all our staff. And it leaves us with many teas without a home.

Our starting point is figuring out what to replace. It doesn't matter how much we love that tea, if it's not moving, it's out. Then we consider what our customers have been buying and we try to strengthen that area. Then we start sampling teas and narrow them down and come up with the final list. Next, we name the blends. This is usually the best part of the project (Celtic Cup for an organic irish breakfast for instance).

Now the organization begins - the ordering menu, the take-out menu, the full tea catalogue, canister labels, cash register programming, bag labels, SKU#s, shelf assignments, inventory lists, ordering lists, pricing, counter cheat sheets and the list goes on.

One by-product of this mammoth task is that we have all these teas that need to be moved to make room for the new. This year we decided to offer them all to you in our Summer Splash for $3 and $4 a bag! We're talking teas that ordinarily cost $10-$30 a 4-oz. bag at $3.00! You'd be crazy not to snap them up. For this alone, you should plan a visit to the Tea Room. When they're gone, they're gone.

Here are some we're offering at these gigantic savings - Organic Pineapple, Tulsi Chai, Organic Guranse from Nepal, Windsor Grey, Lemon Drop and several others. Make sure you get some for a birthday, for the holidays, for yourself!

 Mar 22, 2008


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