Loyalty has its Rewards

Like many retailers, we have a Loyalty Card. At first, we used a paper product but earlier this year, we launched a plastic Loyalty/Gift Card. It rewards our customers for visiting us frequently and also makes a nifty gift. Upon receiving a card, each customer fills out an enrollment form which requests name, address, phone number, e-mail and a birthday month. After several months of issuing these cards, we have now collected a nice little stack of these cards and last week, we decided to take it one step further.

Not only do we give $15 free dollars after a set amount of points, we have decided to pick one lucky customer each week and add 100 loyalty points to their card. Today, we called the Wilson family and gave them the good news!

So as our loyal customers reward us with their vists, we are giving them an extra bonus. In these tough times, a little unexpected cheer goes a long way.

 Sep 19, 2008
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