Fair Trade Teas on Sale

We selected two completely different types of tea and are offering them to you during October to celebrate Fair Trade Month. The first is Green Dew - a China green, recently certified fair trade. It is a wonderful everyday green - light in the cup with a sweet mouth feel that lingers. A very good accompaniment to food.

The second is its polar opposite - a dark black, Assam BOP or Broken Orange Pekoe. This is India's everyday tea. Millions consider this their daily cup around the world where black tea is enjoyed - India, England, Ireland being the largest consumers. It steeps quickly, has a dark, rich color and is the traditional tea taken with milk.

Both are certified Organic as well. Enjoy them and know that each time your purchase a product that carries the Fair Trade logo, a portion of your purchase price goes back directly to the workers of that estate who then spend it on projects of their choosing to benefit their community.

 Oct 03, 2008
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