Our colorful Table Cloths & Napkins

We received a lovely compliment from one of our customers last week on our choice of table linens.  Thank you!  This is by design, not chance.  I made a decision when we opened 15 years ago that we were not going to use white.  We play with several colors - hunter green, seafoam green, peach, lavender, champagne, orange, red and, of course, white.  We approached a few vendors and selected White Plains Linen from Peekskill as our supplier.  They have been in business for 75 years with Bruce Botchman at the helm, the third-generation owner.  They've kept up with the times, not only in color and style trends but also by converting their facility to a green plant.  They partnered with Wheelabrator to reduce the company's carbon footprint by 70%. Additionally, they recycle rain water to wash laundry and even recycle 'lost silverware'.  (Ah, so that's where all our missing silverware is!).  Over the years, we've noticed the many improvements - ordering efficiencies, increased choice in colors, ability to respond quickly - all while maintaining superior customer service.  Their trucks are easy to recognize with their familiar tagline - 'Follow us to the best dining in town'.

 Apr 22, 2015


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