Geeky Gals Get Together at Silver Tips

I discovered late last Saturday that we were going to start Sunday morning with a group of 18.   It turned out to be our good friend Chris introducing our Tea Room to yet more friends.  We received a lovely report from her today:

My meetup group Westchester Geeks organizes the occasional brunch for only the women members, known as "Geeky Gals Get Together". Last brunch we met at Silver Tips and had a great time, although several members had trouble picking which tea (and which dessert) to have, as there were so many great choices. We always need to pick a place with vegan options, which was one of the (many) reasons I suggested Silver Tips.  One of our group leaders said, "Chris has eaten here like a hundred times" to which I replied, "more like a couple of thousand." =)  Anyhow,  Anna took our group photo outside (attached) and everyone loved the scones.  Hope you're well.  Love the new "French Quarter" tea.
Thanks for the great picture, Chris!  As for French Quarter - this is one of our new teas - Black tea with Mango, Blackcurrant and Bergamot flavors with a sprinkling of Linden Blossoms and Lemon Verbena.  Very fragrant and flavorful.

 Apr 29, 2015


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