Winners of our Recent Contest

We invited you to tell us why you would miss one of the teas we phased out last month to make room for our new selections. We promised to pick our 3 favorite responses and 8 ounces of that tea would be yours for FREE. Thanks for all the submissions and here is our favorite:

Boston Tea Party:  Don't toss it in the harbor!  Don't toss it off the Silver Tips tea list!  We want to keep tossing this flavorful blend into our teapot!
Nicely said, Trish.  We will be contacting you and the other 2 winners and getting your 8 ounces of FREE tea to you.  For all those still pining for one of those teas, they are available online and some are still available at the Tea Room at a 50% discount.  Just this morning while I was at the Tea Room, a couple came in and ordered Prelude to Bliss, one of those we had phased out which we still had, so they were happy!  Fair warning - get them while you can.

 May 02, 2015


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