Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Tea

I was honored to have been invited by the local chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority yesterday to talk on Tea at their monthly meeting.  This Sorority had its beginnings in 1908 and is rooted in service and professional development of each of its members.  It was an impressive gathering of 50-60 members and I had the opportunity to tell them about the background and origin of tea and salient points such as how to steep loose leaf tea, how to store, and the differences between various teas.  They were a great crowd and their questions were right on the mark:

  • What is Chai - is that tea?
  • Do all Teas have benefits - both hot and iced?
  • What about Sarsaparilla - is that Tea?  (No!).
  • How long does Tea last?
  • Is Honey better than Sugar?
  • Can you add milk?
  • What about Rooibos?
I left them with an invitation to visit Silver Tips Tea Room and gave each a coupon to a FREE pot of Tea.  Thanks for inviting me, Sandra!  And if any of you wish to have us come and give your group a short Tea presentation with or without a Tea Sampling, please contact us at

 May 18, 2015


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