Comments on our Breakfast Service

Here are comments from our customers on our brand new Breakfast Service:

  • Great!  Love the Capers. Excellent. - this about our Croissant Sandwich.
  • Very good. Maybe could add some granola? - this about our Strawberry & Yogurt option.
  • Loved the interior and the tea.  I personally enjoyed my visit.
  • You need a 'diet' selection.
  • Great to see fresh breakfast available in Tarrytown - finally.
  • Would love just a few more menu options.
  • Perfect place and lovely staff.
Thank you, Tarrytown!  And yes, we served our first cup of Coffee in 16 years! Most of our patrons ordered tea but we have had the occasional person requesting coffee and we were happy to oblige.

 Jul 16, 2015


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