Comments on our Catering

Here are some appreciative words from a customer who ordered our Green Platter - this is our Sandwich & Scones offering - as well as Salad & Iced Tea:

Everything was 100% amazing! Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Every single thing, from the sandwiches to the amazing tea to the completely awe inspiring scones . . . Right to your delivery staff (who were wonderful). It was a huge relief to just be able to call you and 1, 2, 3, everything was done and I had nothing to worry about. I just washed out your tea container and the two glass bowls. I'll run them over tomorrow.  Please be sure to thank everyone on your staff. You all really outdid yourselves!
Although we don't quite have the capability of Delivery, this was right down the street so we were able to oblige.  Thanks for the kind words!

 Jul 16, 2015


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