Quiche added to our Breakfast Menu

We began our Breakfast service about a month ago and it's so gratifying to see the support we've been given by both new and our regular customers.  It seems this has also provided convenience to so many who had been unable to get their Loose Leaf Tea during our prior shorter business hours.  Additionally, we've been getting some nice coverage from local press.  Today, our friends at WAG magazine sent us a link to their article.  A big thanks to them and to the Hudson Independent for spreading the word.  We just added Quiche to the Breakfast Menu in addition to our Croissant Sandwiches.  And it's still a novelty for us to serve a cup of Coffee...although Tea continues to dominate by a wide margin!  Come in for Breakfast - Monday to Friday, 9.30 - 11 am!

 Aug 06, 2015


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