We love our Handyman!

We cannot say enough good things about HandyAndyFixIt. They are a local outfit and have helped us to set up our new office/warehouse at Elmsford, done work around my house and now at our Tea Room. Andrew Monachelli and his partner Nick do it all – big or small. They are fun to be around, professional in their quality of work, true handymen in that they put up pictures and change batteries in smoke alarms as well as renovate bathrooms, kitchens and lay down tile. I asked Andrew how he got started and here’s what he said:

"I have always enjoyed exploring how things worked. From an early age I would be busy taking things apart and putting them back together again! I often joke that instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons when I was a kid, I was more interested in “This Old House”. In high school, I created a telephone installation and wiring business that I would work at after school and on weekends…. In a larger project, I spent a summer shadowing the School’s electrician and assisted in the re-wiring of the School’s theatre and several other areas. Several years back I took on the added responsibility of Director of Operations at the independent school where I was employed. I was a hands-on manager to say the least, often showing up in dress down attire to climb in ceilings or through crawl spaces in order to tackle whatever needed to be addressed at the time. Finally, after 21 years in education (and as much as I loved being around kids), I decided it was time to create a business that would allow me to interact on a daily basis with the work I truly enjoyed. This is how Handy Andy, Fix It! came about."

 They plan to join our local Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce and we intend to keep them happy with Tea and Sandwiches while they work around town. Call them – you won’t be disappointed – 914-787-9273 or e-mail them at Andrew@handyandyfixit.com. They are also on Facebook under Handy Andy.

 Oct 20, 2015


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