Herbal Blends

We're hard at work putting together special blends and holiday packages for you.  Today, we're focused on Herbal Blends, a category that has exploded in growth.  We've selected 4 of our most popular and they will be at the Tea Room this weekend:

  • Ginseng Boost:  An energizing blend of ginseng, licorice, mint, hibiscus & lemon.
  • Gentle Mint:  A very soothing peppermint, ginger & lemon blend.
  • Agni:  One of our ayurvedic blends with saffron, chrysanthemum and tulsi.
  • Herb Revive: A blend with lemongrass, cranberry slices and verbena leaf.

Try one or all.  Makes a great gift.  Priced attractively at 1 for $11 or 2 for $20.  All naturally without caffeine.


 Nov 12, 2015


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