The Top 10 Teas served at our Tea Room

Yes, Chai is king. Of all the pots of Tea served at Silver Tips in the last 3 months, the most popular, by far, is Chai.  Here's the rest of the list and note - despite the growing popularity of Green or Herbal blends, Black Tea still rules:
  1. CHAI
  2. English Breakfast
  3. Toasted Almond
  4. Silver Tips Earl Grey
  5. Creme Maurice
  6. Irish Breakfast
  7. Tiger Hill
  8. Chocolate Chai
  9. Coconut Vanilla
  10. Coconut Chai

And by the way, these ten are not necessarily the same teas that customers purchase to take home! Look for a contest to name these - coming your way shortly!

 Dec 26, 2015


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