Teas our Customers Purchase to Take Home

We carry about 150 teas at the Tea Room.  They run the entire gamut - Black, Green, Oolong, White, Flowering Teas, Jasmine, Smoked, Earl Grey, Chai, Flavored, Rooibos, Decaf, Herbals & Fruit Tisanes. For the most part, the customers who visit us and enjoy a pot of Tea ordered from our Tea Menu are the same customers who buy some loose leaf tea to take home.  You would think then that the most popular teas enjoyed at our Tea Room would be the ones enjoyed at home.  But you would be wrong!  Of the top 10 teas ordered at the Tea Room, only 4 of them were also among the Top 10 purchased to take home!

We recently invited our customers at the Tea Room to play a game.  We gave them the 10 Bestsellers served at the Tea Room and we asked them to guess the 10 Bestsellers selected to take home.  First prize was one Afternoon Tea.  Second prize was a Free Sandwich or Quiche.  Third prize was a Scone & Pot of Tea.  

Here are the winning answers:

 And congratulations to our 3 winners - Carol, Mimi & Jennifer.  We will be notifying you by e-mail.  Thanks for playing along.  Next game - guess which is our most popular Breakfast item!

 Jan 19, 2016


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