Two New Desserts at Silver Tips Tea Room

We must drive our vendors crazy.  On average, out of 10 dessert samples, we reject 9 and consider 1 a possible 'maybe'.  The most unfortunate vendors are probably those still trying to have us carry their Scones. We reject most of them - too hard, too crumbly, too sugary, too can see where we're going. Over the years, we've developed a highly tuned palate guided by a few principles. Desserts must be indulgent.  They must be great in their category.  A chocolate mousse must be light, not a pudding but a mousse.  If it says 'coconut' or 'pumpkin', that taste must be easily discernible.  It must be memorable - something our customers eagerly await.

Against this backdrop, we were eager to taste two new desserts introduced by one of our vendors.  We wanted something special for the summer - refreshing, preferably fruity, light yet decadent.  And we found them!  

New Desserts at Silver Tips Tea Room

The Crema Amarena starts with a chocolate sponge cake and is then topped with vanilla cream studded with chocolate chips.  On top are Amarena cherries and cherry sauce. Given that these are Amarena cherries, they are not overly sweet but have a bitter-sweet taste that allows all the flavors to meld beautifully.

The Strawberry Mascarpone is equally delicious.  This one begins with a sponge cake base with a hint of strawberry over which is a layer of mascarpone cream with chocolate chips. Wild strawberries and a strawberry sauce on top finish the dessert.  Launching this week at Silver Tips - come in and indulge.


 Jul 14, 2016


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