Irvington Library Iced Tea Program

We had a grand day today at the Irvington Library.  It was one of those spectacular warm, breezy days without any humidity and the Library came through once again with a great attendance for our Iced Tea Tasting.  We had adults and children and we served Iced Tea, Tea Sandwiches and Mini Desserts.

Iced Teas on the program were:

  • Black tea with Lemonade and slices of Orange & Strawberries

  • White Sparkling Berry with slices of Grapes

  • Herb Revive - a herbal blend with apple, lemongrass, cranberry slices and sweet blackberry leaf with Apple Slices & Fresh Mint

  • Organic Green with Coconut Milk & Mango Puree

I provided a brief background on Tea - how it was made, the difference between Black, Green, Oolong & White Tea, and then answered questions.  We handed out prizes by picking 3 attendees at random from the sign-up sheet.  Prizes included a bag of White Sparkling Berry, a box of Disposable Filters and a bag of Herb Revive.  Everyone received a postcard with Tips for Iced Teas plus a coupon for a Free Pot of Tea at Silver Tips.  The audience was enthusiastic and asked many questions.  Here are some of them:

"Do you mean that the chamomile tea I give my husband every night is not real tea?" Ah yes - that question that keeps cropping up.  That's right, no Tea in chamomile!  It's just a herb.

"Is there a rule that says you shouldn't put milk in Tea?"  No rule - please yourself but it is better to use milk only for robust black teas.

"Can our Iced Tea be left in the refrigerator for a day or more?"  Absolutely, just don't leave the tea leaves steeping in the tea.  Steep the tea, remove the leaves and then store the tea.

"I thought Earl Grey was always a black tea."  No, earl grey is any tea that has the distinct Bergamot flavor in it.  We carry it in Black, Green & Rooibos.

And many others.   Thanks to Pam Bernstein at the Library for inviting us again and organizing the event.  We hope the Library staff enjoyed the Tea, Sandwiches & Desserts as well!

 Aug 23, 2016


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