Our Missing Raisin Scones

When we first opened, we offered Raisin and Blueberry Scones.  We then added Cranberry. Following in the English tradition of serving Scones with Cream & Preserves, we knew that Raisin was the best-known and most-served among all the scone varieties.  But this is America and over the years, the lowly Raisin Scone became the least popular and customers thronged to the much more popular Blueberry and Cranberry.  Reluctantly, we removed it from the Menu.  We've now added Apple Cinnamon and in the Fall we add the ever-popular Pumpkin Scone. Occasionally, we offer Chocolate scones as a Special.

We were not surprised, therefore, to receive this suggestion in our Comment Box two days ago:

"Complaint (kind of):  Delicious tea!  Wonderful, peaceful atmosphere!  Great service.  However, we were looking forward to a Raisin scone.  Please bring it back.  It is the quintessential scone!"

Some of us couldn't agree more but alas, customer feedback dictated our decision. But, to honor tradition, we're going to bring it back for a limited time later this year. Stay tuned.  

 Aug 02, 2016
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