Pokémon Go Freebies!

I have never been more frustrated, addicted, and elated by my phone all at the same time. Most people like me in their 20's share this emotion at the revamp of our favorite childhood game, Pokémon.

The original 150 Pokémon are back! The game has us going everywhere attempting to find virtual Pokémon with our cell phones (often looking ridiculous in the process, particularly to anyone not in on the action). The ingrained need to "catch 'em all", dragging us off the couch, has us walking/jogging/crawling 5 km at a time. All to hatch Pokémon eggs to unlock rare Pokémon we may not be able to find any other way. 

Thankfully, the Tea Room was just the place I was looking for. I went for a visit with the intention to have lunch and try another new tea because, even after working here for almost a year, I haven't been able to try all of the wide variety of teas offered there.  What I didn't expect was to find a Poké-stop right next door! As a matter of fact, there were two different Poké-stops I was able to drop a lure in from my seat! 

Pokémon Go at Silver Tips Tea Room

I sat back and the Pokémon rolled in. I caught multiple high-level Eevees, a Rhyhorn, a Ponyta, a Squirtle, and dozens more before I finished my first cup of tea. On my way back to my car, I was even able to take down the gym less than a block away. 

Elated at my progress, I snapped a few pics of the Pokémon getting into trouble at the Tea Room. After trekking up and down North Broadway trying to hit all the Poké-stops, I was overheated, exhausted, and ready for a cool drink. So I headed back to the Tea Room for a refreshing iced tea. The air conditioning felt amazing, the iced tea was cold and soothing, and a scone just hit the spot.

And that's why all Pokémon Trainers should stop by Silver Tips Tea Room. It is located at 3 North Broadway in Tarrytown, right in the middle of town.  All you have to do is snap a picture of a Pokémon in the Tea Room, post it to Facebook, and show it to your Server. You'll get a free scone with your order!

And look at how delicious the scones are!  Each is served with Cream & Preserves and there are several varieties - Blueberry, Cranberry and Apple Cinnamon.  How could you say no to a free scone?

Silver Tips Tea Room Scones

 Jul 22, 2016


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