Shop the China Collection at the Tea Room

From Friday, January 27 to Tuesday, January 31, we'll be featuring a different type of China Tea at the Tea Room. On that day, you can receive a FREE 2 oz. of China Tea when you buy anything else from the collection!

January 27: Buy a China White, get 2 oz. of White Pomegranate FREE!
January 28: Buy a China Green, get 2 oz. of Organic China Sencha FREE!
January 29: Buy a China Black, get 2 oz. of Yunnan TGFOP FREE!
January 30: Buy a China Jasmine, get 2 oz. of Ginger Jasmine FREE!
January 31: Buy a China Oolong, get 2 oz. of Rickshaw Oolong FREE!

For more information, see our Blog.

 Jan 27, 2017


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