Introducing Instant Chai

 Apr 29, 2016 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We're strong proponents of loose leaf tea be it Darjeeling, Oolong, Flavored or Chai.  But we're also aware that many do not have the time to steep Chai from scratch using our loose leaf Chai blend.  On the wholesale side, we find we lose the Chai business at many small coffee shops who have a brisk take-out business and cannot make their customers wait for 5-7 minutes while they steep loose leaf Chai.  To solve this specific problem, we've launched Instant Chai.

It is a mix that dissolves instantly and needs only Water or Milk.  There are no residues and the taste is authentic.  It is blended in India, home of Chai, and uses only a few pure ingredients - tea, spices, milk powder, sugar.  No additives or preservatives are included.

For those on the run, try this alternative - we take it with us when we travel and it is easy to use hot or iced.  Our Instant Chai comes in 8 ounce resealable bags and in 4 flavors:
Original Masala (spice)

Our introductory offer is just $5/bag of 8 ounces.  Try it - add some spice to your life!


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