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 Dec 05, 2008 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Each year, we're delightfully surprised at the gifts we are asked to put together for our customers. One year, a favorite customers of ours, T.J., asked us to send a Chatsford teapot with infuser basket and tea to all his colleagues. We shipped them all over the country! Another year, my trucker asked us to put together 40 small baskets of $15 each which he gave to his best clients and friends. Each basket had an infuser mug, a package of tea and some tea cookies.

This year, we're working on several such requests. One is particularly interesting. Each unique basket has an old-fashioned teapot, Black tea with Cranberry and Orange which we call Splendor, disposable filters, Pumpkin Cranberry Scone Mix and a box of delicious Lemon Cookies. As we get them ready and place them in various parts of the store, other customers invariably wish to purchase them even with a 'Sold' sticker on them!

We also have a Holiday Grab Bag bin which holds various 2 oz. bags of tea for a flat $3.00. These include:
Crush of Envy - Green with Passionfruit
Celebration - a fruit tisane of berries, currants and orange
Spice of Ice - White with citrus, spice and almonds
Lemon Drop - Black with lemongrass, eucalyptus, citrus and flowers

These work beautifully as a Hostess Gift or a small token of thanks for a teacher, manicurist, a stocking stuffer or just as a new tea to try. You can't go wrong for $3.00.
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