Behind the Scenes at the Office & Warehouse

 Dec 12, 2008 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

These are our two busiest weeks in the year for mail and web orders. It doesn't matter that we all know when Christmas is, we habitually wait until the last week to order our gifts. Yesterday was one of those very busy days.

Each order must get the correct items, packing slip, invoice, mailing label and be sorted for UPS or the Priority Mail. We like to enclose samples and holiday treats in our consumer packages so that's an added fun step. It didn't help that earlier this week, the entire Shipping Assistant software of the United States Postal Service was not working all day. We had to quickly improvise to get all the packages out on time.

We're always ready for Tea-of-the-Month orders in the last week before the holidays. Another predictable item is a Sampler (I see some already in today's orders). This is the time of the year when a Red Teapot becomes popular! Often, when we see an order with a couple of teas and a brew basket, we think it must be a gift for someone new to tea. And so it goes. We love this season and we hope you enjoy our tea, our packages and the detail and thought we give to each of them. Here's a picture of our back office with Gina and Rodney at the warehouse trying to outdo each other.

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