Merry Christmas!

 Dec 25, 2008 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Good wishes to all today! What a whirlwind of a week it has been for us. With snow and ice and rain for the past 5 days, getting around was an adventure. We are grateful to all our customers who braved the cold and snow and slush to get to us. Today, Christmas morning is bright and sunny!

Christmas eve at the store now has a tradition. Each year for the past 9 that we have been open, Fernando, a sales executive, bursts into our store, sometimes 15 minutes before closing, and buys up a storm for his mother and grandmother. This year was no exception but he gave us an hour yesterday instead of 15 minutes! His devotion to his family is evident and the baskets he has us make up for them are well thought out and turn out beautifully. This year, he selected non-caffeine teas for his grandmother and some sugar-free gourmet items. For his mother, he once again included several jars of clotted cream, her favorite, along with several teas and a tea canister. I hope he has a very happy Christmas.

We are all enjoying our day off today and we will see you tomorrow at the store or online, as usual.

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