Tea Room Expansion Update

 Apr 24, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

I met with the Awning guy this morning - Nick from Hudson Sign Company based in Ossining, NY. This is a great little company and recently I've been seeing his van all over town. My hair dresser just branched out and opened his own salon and Nick did his signage too. Nick tells me that he has been getting a lot of customers through Facebook! Facebook for signage and awnings?? I guess social media is being used in ways I didn't even think about.

Anyway, our expansion continues. Final plans are now ready and we are a few days away from filing the permits with the Village for approval to proceed with the renovation. Although I built an entire Tea Room from scratch 10 years ago, this entire process still seems bewildering. Lots of moving parts and not necessarily all going in the same direction. Getting freezers and refrigerators is easy. Try sourcing a specific type of chair. Here's ours - we haven't found a supplier yet! At some point we will have to close but we don't have a schedule yet. Like everything else, it will unfold as it happens and we will adjust.

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