Tasting 2009 2nd flush

 Jun 19, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

The first samples of 2nd flush came today. Hurrah! In a year marked by drought and cyclone, any Makaibari teas are welcome. And these were not bad at all! In all, 7 lots were couriered. I was all set to sample all 7 when an urgent e-mail arrived this morning from Makaibari that 4 lots had already been sold at "a very attractive price" and were no longer on offer. Well! So now I was down to 3. This was no way to begin the season, I thought.

I put the 3 up using my old-fashioned scale with its copper 2 gm. weight and carefully measured the right amount into each tasting cup, let it steep and then balanced it on the bowl to let every drop drip into the bowl. I then took in the fragrance of the infused leaf (sweet, deep, almost like fresh flowers), looked at the characteristic copper color in the infused leaf and finally tasted each. Success! I immediately confirmed all three purchases and we now wait for more.

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