Teapot Basics

 Jun 23, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Green Teapot 011 If you always drink more than 1 cup of tea at a time, you need a teapot. The standard personal size teapot is a 2-cup teapot. The next size is usually 4 cups, then 6. Very large ones do come in 8 and 10-cup sizes but are used infrequently. When I was growing up, we always made a large 6 - 10 cup teapot in the afternoon and everyone was poured at the same time. I'm one of those now that tends to drink 2 cups at a time so a tea mug with infuser never works for me. (I also like to drink tea from a china cup....) A teapot serves several functions:
  • It keeps your tea hot
  • It obviates the need to make multiple cups one after the other
  • It allows you consistency in cup quality
  • It affords convenience - you handle one teapot that holds the right quantity you need.
There are numerous styles of teapots and they vary in 2 main ways - whether or not they have an infuser and what they're made of. If you're buying a new china, earthenware or glass teapot, try to find one with an infuser basket. It just simplifies the act of making tea. Yxing, clay teapots, gaiwans are exceptions as are those who are adept at making tea and know when the tea should be decanted or when water should be added. At the tearoom, we use the English Chatsford teapot for service (shown). We've used them for 10 years and they serve us best. The size is right, the glaze is uniform, they are well made, they don't break or chip easily and they come in at least 3 sizes. We always carry others - those with metal infusers, pretty patterned teapots, very high quality china teapots with cups to match, pastels and brights, cast iron and clay teapots, glass teapots in all sizes, children's teasets, some in fun designs and, of course, the solid white.

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