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 Jul 31, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Last week The New York Times carried a compelling article about Twitter serving small businesses.  Examples were cited about vendors whose only marketing tool was Twitter.  I found that fascinating.  Equally amazing to me are the adventurous forays of venerable tea companies into Facebook pages.  Several years ago, when we launched our website, we thought we were on the cutting edge!  Ah, what fools we mortals be.  To think technology stands still! POWER.JPGSo next week, we're going to be discussing if these are applicable for us and if so, how best to integrate into our marketing programs.  Everything focuses on the customer - how best to reach them.  Yesterday, one of my friends directed me to yet another site called TipDrop.  Stay tuned - we are expanding on the ground and in the virtual world.

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