Doors and Floors

 Oct 01, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

CIMG1125-1New front doors went in yesterday.  The installers kept calling it Bronze but it looked like black to me!  Regardless, they are polished and handsome and provide an inviting entryway.  I'll take a picture later today (picture now added!).  Many of you know our front door was on its last legs and being held up by a wish and prayer. The floorwork begins today and what a challenge that's going to be to keep moving things around to clear enough space to prepare the floors for new tiles.  We finally selected a beautiful warm wood laminate for our main area.  This one item alone should completely change the look of the Tea Room and give it both elegance and warmth.  And it's durable and suitable for restaurants.  The material is 74% pre-consumer recycled content and in its U.S. facilities, the manufacturer uses only renewable, fast growing southern pine as its base.  The laminate facility turns the sawdust waste created during production into fuel and any additional leftover wood waste goes into bio-mass fuel for process heating.  Sounds similar to the bio-gas units we have at Makaibari.

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