Counters taking shape

 Oct 09, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

CIMG1132-1It is now nail-biting time.  We all agree we need to re-open the store and we all understand we're not quite there.  If you've ever renovated your house, you know the horrendous amount of dust and debris that accumulates during construction.  It will take us a couple of days just to wipe down every item and clean and sanitize all the equipment.  This is before we even think of making any food. The good news is that the painting is almost done and looks gorgeous.  We went with a warm honeywheat shade that complements the floor.  The counters are almost built and today the plumber does his part and hooks up the water boilers and the sinks.  This morning, the banquette and additional table bases and tops arrive.  We shouldn't lose sight of the main reason for doing this - more seats!  We've been working furiously at the office to make sure we will have enough china, cutlery, linen, kitchen equipment, menus and personnel to accommodate our expansion.  And to top it all, 2009 is our 10th anniversary year so we're planning a celebration some time soon.  We're ready with our e-mail notification and blog and website posting for next week to let you know that we're open.  We may not open on day one at full capacity but we will open.

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