Tea Room Re-Opening Monday, Oct. 19

 Oct 17, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A neon OPEN sign glowing red in the window of a restaurantHurrah!  We're finally approved to open.  And not a day too soon.  We've been bombarded with phone calls, customers at the Tea Room door, e-mails and blog comments.  We've turned away customers at the door, even those with out-of-town visitors.  Horrible, horrible. Yes, our hiatus was longer than we had hoped for but there is sometimes no way to rush these things.  We just had to follow the process.  The inspections are all done and we've been officially given the OK by the town and county.  We won't be opening with a Grand Re-opening on Day One.  All we hope to achieve is to serve our customers with great tea and food.  We'll worry about Tea Accessories and hanging pictures later.  I think you will love the look of the place - it doesn't resemble the old Tea Room at all;  it feels like a brand new store.  Already, we've been asked why we're not opening tomorrow which is a Sunday and one of our busiest days.  Simple answer - yesterday we had our inspections and it takes 2 days just to get our food and other deliveries in to start making food preps and putting ourselves back together again.  You will also notice when you visit, that we've almost doubled in size.  We need more linen, cutlery, plates, teapots and food to match the growth.  It takes a couple of days to get them all into the store and clean up all the construction dust that inevitably creeps into a space.  Bear with us.  We're so happy to be opening again and hope good times are here again.  See you next week!

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