Comments on our first week

 Oct 24, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Today was the first Saturday after re-opening and despite a pretty steady rain throughout the day, we had a good crowd, both regulars and new customers.  Here are their comments:
  • Fabulous colors!
  • We've come by many times to see if you were open and finally you are!
  • We've been reading your blog and recognized the fabric on the booth.
  • I'll always get a table now!
  • How come no Accessories?  We need them!
  • Thanks for the e-mail notification - we were waiting eagerly.
  • We had to come today, just to see what was going on..
  • Oh, I love the bigger window tables.
  • Two restrooms?  Yeah!
  • The floor is just great.
Thank you!  Thank you!  We are so happy you are pleased with the results.  Now that the first week is almost behind us, we will be focused on ordering Tea Accessories and Gourmet items next week.   We're aiming for Nov. 14/15 for our 10th Anniversary and Grand Re-opening weekend.  Let's see if we can make that work.  Meanwhile, come and have tea!

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