New Tea Accessories

 Oct 30, 2009 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

TPS60[1]Like most retail companies who gear up for the holiday season, we start early.  In July/August, we visit the Fancy Food Show and Gift Show and collect catalogues and cards.  In September, we receive samples and start the massive job of paring down our choices.  October we order.  November 1st week we receive product.  This year, with our renovations, the schedule fell by the wayside and explains why our shelves are still bare. But we've made a great recovery (we hope) and have worked overtime this past week to get our orders in.  We want to be fully stocked for our Grand Re-opening weekend, November 14/15.  It's not an easy task when you've been in business for 10 years.  We want great products but not what we've had before.  We want a combination of stoneware and porcelain and fine bone sg107-8_1926_thumb[1]china.  We want tea sets as well as individual mugs with infusers.  We want Asian as well as English themed items.  And we want all of them priced low.  We have a philosophy when offering Tea Accessories to our customers.  We believe they are necessary to enjoy a perfect cup of tea but not our core business so we keep our mark-ups low and our product turnover high.  We sure hope you like what we've selected for you.

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