Jan 11, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We were packed this weekend at the Tea Room.  When it's cold outside, coming in for Tea must seem like an excellent idea to everyone.  Late yesterday afternoon, I noticed a table of 3 women with 5 pots of tea on their table and at least 3 desserts!  I had to share in this party, I thought.  Apparently, it was Patricia (the mom) and her daughter who turned 18 yesterday and a very good friend - almost a daughter, as Patricia said.  They said they were in heaven enjoying all the teas - PassionBerry, Prelude to Bliss, Serengeti, Vintage Bouquet, Samovar and Moonlight & Melon.  Wow, quite a variety.  They were having a difficult time telling me which was their favorite and then the desserts...  They were working their way through a Mango/Raspberry Mousse, Profiteroles and Tiramisu.  On their way out, they apologized for keeping us late while they took some loose leaf tea with them - White Tangerine, PassionBerry, Serengeti and Prelude to Bliss.  What a great group they were.  We gave them some Rooibos Afrikana on the house as a parting gift.  Happy Birthday again!  This is what makes our job fun.

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