Teapots that drip..

 Jan 23, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Two weeks ago, a customer from California ordered a 6-cup Chatsford teapot from us online.  Last week he contacted us to tell us that the spout drips and did not pour as well as his previous Chatsford.  Another customer from Canada had the same complaint and added that it was now shaped a little different. All true.  Alas!  The Chatsford teapots, still the best in the world in our view, are manufactured in various facilities around the world and the patent (what makes it a Chatsford) is the fantastic infuser basket inside, not the shape of the teapot or curve of the spout.  And yes, anything larger than the 2-cup size drips.  At the tearoom, we use a drip-catcher when we serve a 4 or 6-cup pot of tea.  It has a sponge at one end and a hook at the other and is held together by elastic bands, usually with a little decorative piece, and serves two purposes - it catches the drip and holds the lid in place while you pour.   We've been carrying them for years at the tea room and just put it online at a discount.  A little butter at the end of the spout also helps.  I prefer the drip catcher to the butter!
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