Teas being replaced

 Jan 25, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

I know we have passionate fans of some of our teas.  So here's serving you notice - these are teas that will be removed from the Tea Room once we launch our new tea list.  Some will continue to be offered online but they will no longer be at the store.  If you feel strongly about them and are about to go into withdrawal - talk to us - we will keep them on for some time to make sure you have adequate stocks.  Here's the list:
  • Upper Namring - Darjeeling
  • Organic Keemun, China Sencha, Mao Feng Green - China
  • Green Kukicha - Japan Green
  • Black & Jasmine Rosettes - Flowering Teas
  • White Sun, White Tangerine, White Chai
  • French Breakfast
  • Orange Blossom Oolong
  • Kilimanjaro Blue, Plum Pudding & Rooibos Parfait
  • Sweet Tart & Wimbledon - Tisanes
  • Elixir, Sun Splash & Vintage Bouquet - Herbal Blends
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