Our Balzac sandwich

 Jan 26, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

All our sandwiches have a twist - the egg salad sandwich has been marinated in Lapsang Souchong tea and has a smokey twist;  the chicken has a barbecue sauce tinge to it and the Ham & Swiss is what this story is about. We call it Balzac to honor Honore Balzac, the renowned French writer because it is a simple Ham and Swiss sandwich.  Add to that some honey mustard, our whole wheat bread, a bit of spread and voila!  there you have it.  Well, apparently not.  One of our customers has now spent the past 2 months trying to replicate it.  She has bought 6 types of Honey Mustard (I kid you not), 4 types of Whole Wheat bread, experimented with innumerable versions of a spread, tried all kinds of deli ham and swiss and still cannot get it to taste like our Balzac sandwich.  Finally, Jacque gave in and handed her some of our Honey Mustard and spread to take home and gave her the exact brand of our Whole Wheat bread.  Still, no success.  The customer has declared that it is our love and ambience that creates the perfect Balzac sandwich!  And this story is absolutely true.

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