Whew! What a day....

 Feb 18, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

I had an interview with a potential new employee at 11 am this morning followed by a meeting with a new customer at noon.  I could feel the Tea Room filling up behind me but my back was towards the tables.  At about 1 pm, Jacque told me to turn around and I noticed that not only were we completely full but we had 12 people waiting for tables.  Huh?  On a Thursday?  And I'm not talking about parties of 2.  These were groups of 4 and 6.  Many of our regulars were there and they were as astonished as we were.  By absolute fluke, Rodney was there from the office and he and I got to work immediately!  One of our long-time customers, Chris, commented that perhaps we should investigate whether the next business to the right of us was going out of business.  An inside joke....she knew we had just expanded because the small jewellery shop next to us had gone out of business.  The place looked great, the soup today was Wild Mushroom and everyone seemed warm and happy. Thank you to all our customers, old and new, for continuing to keep us in business.

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