Marangi Estate - New Tea feedback

 Mar 11, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A gentleman came in to our Tea Room yesterday and enjoyed a pot of our new Assam - Marangi Estate - along with a scone.  He enjoyed every last drop and told Christina, our server, how good it was.  After his brief visit with us, Christina presented him with the bill.  The gentleman looked at it and said it had to be wrong.  Mortified, Christina re-did the math and again came up with the same amount.  The gentleman then went on to clarify that it must be wrong and it should be more because she had left out the 4 ounces of Marangi Estate that he had to purchase to take with him before he left!  Everyone laughed, the gentleman left with his precious Marangi tea and we made another customer happy.

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