How small the world

 Jun 04, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

A good friend and customer of ours, Betty, was at the Tea Room yesterday.  She and her husband had just returned from Montreal and Toronto.  While there, she visited several establishments that served tea.  Her favorite is Jade Oolong and she was looking for something similar on the menu.  Her eye caught the word Makaibari and she stopped, surprised, and asked the waiter if this was indeed the Makaibari Darjeeling that she knew.  The waiter confirmed that it was.  Betty wasn't done.  She asked if he knew who their supplier was.  The waiter took the time to find out, returned and said it was Cafe Rico.  And what do you know, they are one of our wholesale customers and their Makaibari is direct from us!  She ordered it, loved it, discovered it was exactly what she wanted.  It was the real thing, Betty!

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