Finds from the Fancy Food Show 2010

 Jun 30, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

That was an interesting day - lots of distributors, fewer and fewer independent companies.  Not as much chocolate as last year, many new chilled waters and beverages, even chilled Coconut Water.  A ton of cheese.  We walked with a focus, however, and did manage to find some potential winners.  Now we will have to ask for proper samples, check out price points, distribution and ease of delivery.  TAZA chocolate had beautiful packaging but had a crunchy sugar base that did not appeal to us.  Further investigation needed here.  The  individual Cheese Tortes were excellent.  We have to locate a distributor and see what these are about.  And finally the English Tea Toffee - a wonderful treat pictured below - which comes in Mango and a few other flavors.  A great little find and one which we hope to carry later in the year.  Other really good discoveries - Artisan English Puddings in individual sizes, a Rose Nectar in a stunningly beautiful bottle with the tagline "Taste the Bouquet", Herbal Waters, Salmon Spreads, Rum Cakes and cookies.  At the end of the day, we were exhausted and sampled out!  We couldn't have eaten one more thing.

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