Our New Welcome Sign

 Jul 10, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

We put up a new Welcome sign on our front door this week.  I say "we" but it was mostly Jacque.  Kristy got the letters from a special arts store and Jacque did just about everything else - shaped it, got it cut, painted it, decorated it and finally hung it on the door this week.  She has been working on this for a while now and keeping the details secret!  Now the sign is visible from a distance and you can't help but see it.  11 years ago when I opened the Tea Room, I hung up a wooden plaque (which we still have) that says "Enter With a Happy Heart".  In our previous store design, it was the first thing you saw when you entered.  Now with our re-designed, expanded store, that sign has had to be moved.  So voila! here's the new one to replace it.  And isn't it great!  Sunny, cheery, warm - captures exactly what our Tea Room is. 

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