July Specials

 Jul 12, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

You will find two Specials at the Tea Room the next time you visit: Quiche/Scone:  Order a Quiche and get a Scone at Half Price.  This is Lunch & Dessert for under $10.  For $9.25, you get an individual Quiche (Mushroom & Onion or Goat Cheese & Herbs) served with a side of our House Salad with Dill Vinaigrette, and a Scone served warm, with Cream & Preserves.  Can't beat that!  Add the Iced Tea of the Day for $1.99 or the Lemonade and you've got a nice refreshing lunch. Bargain Bin is back:  We pack a collection of teas in our assorted 2-oz. bags and offer them at a discount.  1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00.  A varied collection each with a pretty label - straight, flavored, herbals.  You may know we have a warehouse full of teas and as we add and remove teas and check our inventory, these are what we place on special.  Enjoy - these are real deals - don't miss them.  When they're gone, they're gone.

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