It's Survey Time!

 Jul 15, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Every year, we ask our customers for feedback.  It's taken many forms - paper surveys, polls, contests, mystery shoppers and comment cards.  This year, we're launching a series of surveys for our retail consumers, both online and in-store.  We'll be covering a range of subjects of interest to us - both general and specific.  The first survey will gauge general satisfaction and target our in-store customers.  We will use both paper and an on-line form to achieve maximum response.   Subsequent surveys may focus on one specific aspect of our operations.  You will have plenty of opportunity to provide open-ended comments and suggestions and we encourage your participation.  For our online customers, we will be starting with a simple poll which will be changed frequently.  A more extensive survey gauging overall satisfaction with our site will also be offered.  We want to thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your opinions.  We don't want to conduct our business in a vacuum - we're here at your pleasure and our aim is to change and adapt to ensure we meet your needs.  Finally, all responses will be kept confidential.  Results will be aggregated and shared with you.  Random comments may be used for publicity but without divulging any personal details.  Any customer information that may be derived through this will not be shared with any outside party for any reason whatsoever.  This may be obvious but bears repetition - we reiterate this promise to you.

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