Accessories and Gourmet Treats

 Aug 31, 2010 |  Written by Anupa Mueller

Today is going to be a fun day - we are reviewing all the gourmet treats and accessories for the upcoming holiday season.  Our calendar each year is something like this - September review/order, start product delivery in October and be completely ready by early November when we throw our Anniversary party.  We have contacted all the vendors and have umpteen samples on our conference table, all waiting to be sampled.  The chocolate bar category is wide open.  Should we go with an organic line (Fig/Fennel/Almond, Coconut Curry, Coffe, Nib Brittle) or a single-origin Venezuela line (Criolla, Ginger, Maya, Espresso)....ooh, what a delicious decision to ponder.  To fill the gap between now and October, we've already ordered some Earl Grey, Chai, Mint and Blueberry Biscottea - tea-infused shortbread, two of them gluten free, as well as some tea cozies.  You will soon see the results of our review at the Tea Room.

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